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Turnaround Time

By Michael Patino on 2012-11-20 20:43:22 -

Pallet LifterI want to talk about getting the load on and off the equipment.

Why You Should Consider Hand-Pallet-Truck-Accessible Equipment Even If You Have a Fork Lift 
Hand pallet trucks cost less than fork lifts, and they are easier to use in narrow aisles and other tight quarters.  Because they are also safer, they carry fewer liabilities, so you don’t have to be certified to operate them.

Then there’s the waiting factor.  Maybe your warehouse has one or two fork lifts.  Chances are you have many more workstations and hand pallet trucks.  Rather than waiting around until a fork-lift operator finds the time to replenish a Southworth device with a full pallet of boxes, for instance, your employee can just grab a hand pallet truck and do it himself/herself — no big deal! 

Some Southworth Hand-Pallet-Truck-Accessible Products

Here are some of the hand-pallet-truck-accessible lifting/tilting/leveling products we make:

  • Container Tilters (3 models)
  • Lift Tables (3 models)
  • Manual Palletizers (3 models of roll-in and roll-on level loaders)
  • Stretch Wrappers
  • Floor-level Turntables

Most of these have platforms that sit less than an inch above floor level, so the hand pallet truck rolls right on.  Others have gently inclined ramps.  Check out these units under “Products,” elsewhere on this website.  By the way, under “Pallet Handling Equipment,” you’ll see a nifty steel turntable nearly flush with the floor — the PalletPal Disc Turntable, with a capacity of 4,000 lbs.

The Big Picture

In keeping with our ergonomic outlook, we strive to make materials handling easier.  As you know already, that usually translates to higher productivity.  But it is not enough to build durable, user-friendly equipment that works well.  We think about the big picture, including how the work (the load) gets to and from our equipment.

In other words, Southworth has the competition beat, coming and going!

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