Pallet Inverter 4400 lb capacity. "IN-STOCK" - Indoff Southworth Products

Pallet Inverter 4400 lb capacity. "IN-STOCK"


Inverts entire pallet loads and eliminates restacking.

The faster, safer, easier way to:

• Replace broken pallets

• Switch loads to in-house sanitized or premium leased pallets

                                     • Transfer finished products to less expensive shipping skids or slip sheets

                                     • Replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load

With the ability to handle pallet loads measuring up to 48'’ x 48'’ and 60'’ high; the Southworth Pallet Rotator is a rugged but simple machine. The adjustable clamping mechanism easily secures loads up to 4,400 lbs; and rotates a full 180º on a massive anti-friction turret bearing.

Dual clamping (both platens move equally toward center, resulting in the load center being near the center of rotation, this means lower stress on the rotating mechanism as opposed to a “single clamp”). Use of cylinders and chains equalizes movement and clamp force.

This model can handle pallets from 36'’ wide x 30'’ deep x 32'’ high up to 48'’ x 48'’ x 60'’.

Please call or e-mail for information on opening to 72"

Other clamp openings available. Standard voltage is 460/3/60.

F O B Manila, AR