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Transporting Your Workplace, Increasing Safety & Flexibility

By Michael Patino on 2016-05-25 16:35:13 -

Planning, Designing and Installing your Systems is Complicated Enough...
Position, Transfer or Move - Southworth Products has a large, experienced engineering department that can help you with your unique material handling applications. Contact us so that we can discuss your particular operation.

Let Indoff, Inc. and Southworth Products team our expertise to develop solutions that will increase productivity, employee safety and maximize the potential of your facility.

Southworth Products Position Transfer Move

NEW! Stack-n-Go

By Michael Patino on 2014-11-19 18:15:02 -

If your customers are looking to keep the manual loading of pallets at a comfortable height for their operators, or putting pallet loads away into storage racks, our Stack-n-Go multi-purpose Powered Stackers can be used for those applications and more!

Stack N Go with outrigger
  • 3,000 lb capacity, 43" lift - single stage mast units
  • 2,500 lb capacity, 90" lift - two stage mast units
  • Narrow mast and offset handle provide maximum operator visibility
  • Two stage mast unit offers extended lift without added to lowered mast height
  • Available in fork over or straddle styles
  • Use in light manufacturing, warehousing, assembly and even retail facilities


There is still time to place your order for

quick delivery before the end of the year!

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Don't forget the other PalletPal Family of Products for Quick Ship!


Call indoff for pricing and delivery information to your area!


The FOURTH QUARTER is here!... Are you ready!

By Michael Patino on 2014-10-24 15:20:21 -

Are you ready for the fourth quarter. Plan now. Realistically, there are only seven productive weeks left in this calendar year. Take a look at maintenance issues and what you will be doing to be ready for 2015. 

As you forecast the goals and objectives of the coming year, consider how Indoff can assist you in reaching the goal. Not sure how. Give Indoff a call.Lift Tables Rotate Docks and Invertert

Low Profile Lifts allow use of Pallet Jacks

By Michael Patino on 2014-04-10 15:29:16 -

Southworth Low Profile Pallet Lift One of the issues for every Plant Manager or Safety Committee is how to keep pedestrians, floor workers and fork lift operations segregated.

Southworth Products manufactures a number of solutions that will allow you to use your common pallet jack to move product to lift positions without the need for lifting forks.

With these quality Southworth Products you can transport palleted merchandise to a work station in the assembly or packaging area, without the danger of having a forklift injury or having confining conveyors blocking safety corridors.

Southwork Products makes many fine handling products. Contact Indoff to discuss your particular application.


Buy Time...Save money!

By Michael Patino on 2013-10-03 18:31:33 -




Just four simple steps...
1. Add replacement pallet or slip sheet to top of load.
2. Place loaded pallet into inverter.
3. Use remote control to clamp and rotate load in about 15 seconds.
4. Entire cycle takes about a minute!

Use this handy calculator on EXCEL to calculate your potential savings!

The Pallet Pal Rotator

By Michael Patino on 2013-08-16 16:08:56 -


    A Faster, Safer, and Easier solution


Southworth Pallet Rotator



Rotates 180° and can be stopped at any point.


The pallet rotator can be used anywhere!




If you are spending precious time...

- Replacing Broken Pallets

- Turning inventory for freshness

- Transferring finished products to less expensive shipping skids or slip sheets

- Replacing damaged goods at the bottom of a load

- Switching loads to in-house pallets

The opportunities are endless, from golf balls, food to batteries - whatever the product, if it is on a pallet the PalletPal Rotator will increase productivity and save money too!

Turnaround Time

By Michael Patino on 2012-11-20 20:43:22 -

Pallet LifterI want to talk about getting the load on and off the equipment.

Why You Should Consider Hand-Pallet-Truck-Accessible Equipment Even If You Have a Fork Lift 
Hand pallet trucks cost less than fork lifts, and they are easier to use in narrow aisles and other tight quarters.  Because they are also safer, they carry fewer liabilities, so you don’t have to be certified to operate them.

Then there’s the waiting factor.  Maybe your warehouse has one or two fork lifts.  Chances are you have many more workstations and hand pallet trucks.  Rather than waiting around until a fork-lift operator finds the time to replenish a Southworth device with a full pallet of boxes, for instance, your employee can just grab a hand pallet truck and do it himself/herself — no big deal! 

Some Southworth Hand-Pallet-Truck-Accessible Products

Here are some of the hand-pallet-truck-accessible lifting/tilting/leveling products we make:

  • Container Tilters (3 models)
  • Lift Tables (3 models)
  • Manual Palletizers (3 models of roll-in and roll-on level loaders)
  • Stretch Wrappers
  • Floor-level Turntables

Most of these have platforms that sit less than an inch above floor level, so the hand pallet truck rolls right on.  Others have gently inclined ramps.  Check out these units under “Products,” elsewhere on this website.  By the way, under “Pallet Handling Equipment,” you’ll see a nifty steel turntable nearly flush with the floor — the PalletPal Disc Turntable, with a capacity of 4,000 lbs.

The Big Picture

In keeping with our ergonomic outlook, we strive to make materials handling easier.  As you know already, that usually translates to higher productivity.  But it is not enough to build durable, user-friendly equipment that works well.  We think about the big picture, including how the work (the load) gets to and from our equipment.

In other words, Southworth has the competition beat, coming and going!

Reprinted from:http://www.southworthproducts.com/content2291.html

We are working hard to be your supplier of choice!

By Michael Patino on 2011-06-29 13:40:03 -

 Dura Docks built to last

Dura-Dock Lifts sales are surpassing our goals... and we aren't surprised.

The Dura-Dock Series is loaded with features and built to last, even in the most hostile environment. Standard features:

  • Galvanized base and legs
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty
  • 10 year structural warranty...
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable fluid!


 Southworth Docklifts are versatile 

Design Your Lift They Way You Want It!

By Michael Patino on 2011-03-23 01:17:30 -

Southworth Products can create your custom lift better than the competition. What is you application?

Do you need to lift a large Load?

Do you have a difficult location to fit an elevated platform?

Do you need to rotate product?

Do you need to create an ergonomic parts station?

Southworth Products has a very complete line of standard ergonomic lifts.  If you have an application that does not fit standard size variables, we can work with your staff to determine your parameters. Southworth engineers will work to create the lift, inverter or work positioner that will meet your company's needs.

Call Mike Patino at Indoff for details on how to start work on your requirement.

Dandy Lift Has Been Redesigned

By Michael Patino on 2011-02-16 00:31:30 -

Southworth Products sold by Indoff



Dandy Lift made by Southworth

For nearly 30 years, Dandy Lifts have set the standard for quality, performance, and overall value in foot-pump hydraulic lifter/transporters. Our Dandy line is dandier than ever with its new ergonomic features:
  • A "Multi-Grip" Position Handle with sure-grip cushioning and contours will allow your users to pick the most comfortable hand position for pushing, pulling, maneuvering, or raising loads.
  • A "Qwik-Grip" Lowering Handle with an oversized, open-triangle design that makes it accessible from almost any position behind or beside the Dandy Lift.

  • A 180º Access Foot Pedal that allows it to be pumped from different angles at the rear or side of the unit while providing solid contact regardless of footwear.

Indoff offers the complete line of Southworth ergonomic lifters, tilters and movers.  Call Mike Patino at Indoff to determine which product will best meet the requireents for your project.

    South can solve your ergonomic issue    Southworth Lift Tables from Indoff


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